Traveling Solo? Hire a Driver

Tuk Tuk Driver
Tuk Tuk Driver, Siem Reap, Cambodia

In developing countries where Uber is not on the scene and buses run when they feel like it, getting around cities can be inconvenient at best. If you are a solo woman traveler, uncertain public transportation can leave you vulnerable. But there is an easy and cheap solution: private drivers.

In developing countries, many cab drivers own their own cabs (or Tuk Tuks, depending on the location) and drive around ceaselessly looking for a fare. In poorer countries, it is more difficult to find single rides and drivers are happy to have a customer for the whole day.

Here is how it works: upon arriving in a new city, I get a taxi. If I like the service, I ask the driver how much for a day rate. In Thailand, I was able to get a driver for US $10 per day, in Mexico for $15 per day, and in Cambodia, I paid the driver $100 for a whole week. Drivers are happy for the repeat business and will drive you much further than a normal taxi. I enter their phone numbers on speed dial, call them when I need them, and get a worry free experience when I am traveling solo.


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